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Safe Play

Service Guarantee

At The Lottery Centre, our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we ensure this commitment through our Service Guarantee. With these promises, you can confidently enjoy playing the world’s most lucrative lotteries with ease, peace of mind and a little fun too for good measure!


  • The Lottery Centre offers timely order processing with detailed confirmations;
  • All orders and winnings are electronically verified to ensure accuracy and expediency;
  • We keep you informed of your order entries and notify you immediately of large winnings; and
  • The Lottery Centre converts all winnings into local currencies, when applicable, at no extra charge.


  • Issued statements and our website include winning numbers and prize breakdowns for your purview;
  • You receive all winnings in full, with no commissions or additional fees, in the method of your choice;
  • Where applicable, we also offer direct-deposit payment options; and
  • We deduct no taxes from your winnings.

Fraud Prevention

The Lottery Centre works tirelessly to provide a safe medium through which to enjoy Europe’s biggest lotteries at no risk to your valuable information. In this spirit, we strictly enforce our security policies to protect your personal and financial details.

To help defend your information, below are some highlights of our policies for you to remember.

We will never:

  • Offer you a prize if you have not entered a lottery nor a cash credit under any circumstance;
  • Ask you for a fee (beyond your initial purchase payment) nor your otherwise secure banking, contact or credit information in order for you to claim a prize;
  • Email you unless you have clearly authorised as such in your personal account settings;
  • Ask you to send us originals or copies of documents proving your personal identity; and
  • Stipulate that you must either conceal from or disclose to the public your winnings—it is always your choice.

Unfortunately, a small amount of our customers are occasionally, if infrequently, contacted by individuals or groups with nefariously fraudulent intentions falsely associating themselves with The Lottery Centre. They are often easy to identify because they break one or more of our above-mentioned policies. Our security teams work diligently to prevent these incidents and keep our valued customers safe to enjoy our service. For your convenience and protection, we publish detailed notices of such particular incidents that come to our attention and keep ongoing alerts archived.

Responsible Gaming

Please enjoy our services responsibly and play within your limits. For more information and responsible-gaming assistance, please refer to our friendly and helpful customer-service team. Additionally, it is illegal for players under the age of 18 to play lotteries via The Lottery Centre, even in cases when a particular lottery might otherwise allow younger players. We have safeguards in place to protect young people; however, please keep account information secure on computers and other electronic devices to which young people have access.

We refer Customers to para 23 of the Terms and Conditions

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