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Money raised by The Lottery Centre helps to build a better future

The Akili School project in Nairobi, Kenya

22 January 2013 — Plans have been announced for the further development of a The Lottery Centre sponsored school in Africa's largest slum. The Lottery Centre has provided much-needed financial support to facilitate both the construction and staffing of the Akili School, and has pledged to continue this support well into 2013.

The slum of Kibera is located in Nairobi, Kenya and covers a vast 1.5 square miles. The Kenyan government does not officially acknowledge the existence of slums and as a result there are no government-run schools for the children living in these areas to attend. In an attempt to provide these children with an education, parents and volunteers have established informal schools. Historically these schools have very poor conditions and an incredibly low standard of teaching. Before help arrived, the Akili School was no different.

Situated near a railway line in Kibera, the original school consisted of only 2 small buildings which housed a total of 8 classrooms. Children sat on the floor and learning materials were scarce. In 2010, when the Kenyan government decided to demolish all buildings in close proximity to railway lines due to regular train derailments, the Akili School fell into this category and was marked for closure.

Fortunately, an American sponsor secured a new building to relocate the school, but a lot of work was required. It was at this point that The Lottery Centre became involved. The new building consisted of 10 houses requiring conversion; walls, floors and roofs were repaired to protect against heavy rain. A kitchen was built including a stove on which meals could be prepared for the children — often the only substantial meal these children would receive each day. The classrooms were fitted with locally-made furniture, blackboards and learning materials, plus toilets and electricity were implemented.

The Lottery Centre has since provided funding to pay half of the salaries of all teachers at the Akili School, whilst other charitable organisations support the project in different ways. For example, 'Feed the Children' supplies all of the food for the children's lunches. In October 2012 a new headteacher was appointed, along with a deputy headteacher to improve the quality of teaching at the school. The number of children in attendance has increased from 160 to 240 and with the help of The Lottery Centre, a concise action plan has been created for 2013 in order to ensure that these 240 children receive the best possible education in the most hospitable environment.

On the agenda for this year is the creation of a new classroom and location for exams to take place, the provision of extra school books and learning materials, the establishment of a microcredit program aimed at helping the parents of those children in the poorest circumstances, along with a dedicated program to help all children experience a successful transition to secondary school.

Children at the Akili School have hopes for the future. One 12-year-old pupil at the school is Clinton; he dreams of becoming a pilot, his family's circumstances are very poor and the meal he receives at the school is his only decent meal of the day. Sarah is 13 and hopes to become an optician in Kibera helping people with poor sight. Currently, there is no such help available to those living in the slum. With support from organisations such as The Lottery Centre, these hopes can become reality.

When you play with The Lottery Centre, a percentage of your money will go towards helping these children and giving them hope for a better future. Here at The Lottery Centre we can't think of a better way to spend money.

Good Causes

When you play with The Lottery Centre, some of the money you spend on your tickets will find its way to charities and other good causes.

Good causes
Good causes
  • Spain’s national lottery, the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE), raises money for special causes such as the Spanish Red Cross and the Spanish Olympic Sports Association.
  • The LAE funds a wide variety of health, culture and sports-related initiatives based on a percentage of its overall sales.
  • For over two centuries, the LAE has maintained a historic tradition with the Colegio de San Ildefonso, the oldest school in Madrid, for which children of the school sing the winning numbers of the country’s popular annual Christmas Lottery.
Spanish Causes
Spanish Causes
  • The German national lottery, managed by the Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB), raises money through ticket sales each week for education and youth-culture causes, among others.
  • As the DLTB is a co-operative between 16 state lotteries, philanthropic money raised is easily and efficiently distributed to regional beneficiaries.
  • North-Rhine Westphalia’s state lottery, for example, contributed about €653 million alone in 2013 for social and cultural projects and helped to fund almost €98 million of the state’s budget in 2012 and about €23.5 billion since 1955.
German Causes
German Causes
  • Française des Jeux (FDJ), France’s national lottery, contributes particularly to sports and sports-related charities, including a national bicycling team for which it is the title sponsor.
  • Since 2011, the FDJ has been donating a portion of their funds to the construction and renovation of football stadiums for Euro 2016, which France will be hosting.
  • The FDJ also partners with the National Olympic Committee and French Sports (CNOSF) to support French Olympic athletes.
French Causes
French Causes
United Kingdom
  • The British National Lottery supports a range of good causes from environmental initiatives to the arts and heritage projects.
  • From 2013-2014, the National Lottery donated a weekly average of about £33 million to such causes.
  • The National Lottery distributes their donations through approximately 12 specialist organizations to ensure the money is well spent and allocated properly.
United Kingdom Causes
United Kingdom Causes
  • As of 2015, Ireland’s National Lottery has raised about €4.4 billion towards such diverse charitable causes as youth culture, the arts, sporting facilities, national heritage and the preservation of the Irish language.
  • They are partnering with government officials to promote and finance the nation’s centenary of its 1916 Easter Rising.
  • The National Lottery serves as a primary funder of Ireland’s Sports Capital Programme, which delivers community jobs and boosts participation in sport, supporting an estimated 40 local jobs in community sports for every million euros in funding.
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