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The Lottery Centre Frequently Asked Questions

Here’re some of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we haven’t provided the answer you are looking for.

What is The Lottery Centre?

The Lottery Centre is an independent lottery subscription service operating since 2016. We offer a state-of-the-art international customer-service network which enables us to efficiently serve clients in nearly every country around the world.

Do you run your own lotteries?

No. We provide secure entry into the official national lotteries described on this site. All the games we offer are regulated and licensed by the governments of their respective countries.

Do a lot of people win different lottery prizes playing with The Lottery Centre?

To date, our services have helped hundreds of thousands of people become winners, ranging from smaller prizes to larger ones worth thousands of euros to jackpots worth many millions.

Who can play?

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can place an order through The Lottery Centre. We do stipulate that we cannot accept orders for any lottery that is available in a player’s own country of residence. For example, a person living in France cannot play a French lottery through The Lottery Centre. Unfortunately, our service is not available to residents of some countries, including the Netherlands, Canada, the United States and its territories, Liechtenstein or Switzerland.

Where do you get your testimonials?

Players write to us regularly sharing their stories and expressing their joy for how our services have helped them live their dreams.

Do you reveal the identities of your winners?

We take our customers’ concerns for privacy very seriously. That’s why we ensure complete anonymity for our winners unless they give express permission to reveal their identities, no matter how little or how much they’ve won.

How is my entry processed?

As soon as we receive your order, we place the entries into our system to lodge them with the appropriate lottery. You will then be sent a detailed confirmation showing your numbers and dates of play for your chosen game.

Your numbers are automatically scanned and your winnings verified each week. At the end of your play period, you will receive a final statement showing your total prize winnings and, should you win €1,000 or more in any draw, we will telephone to advise you immediately. Enclosed with your Final Statement will be a complete list of winning numbers so you can see all the draw results for yourself.

How do I receive my winnings?

We send payments with your Final Statement in the form of a cheque, bank draft, money order, or applicable financial instrument for your country. Of course, we are always happy to make any special arrangements you may require. (Total wins of less than $250, €250, or £250 will be deposited directly to your Lottery Centre account and are available upon request at any time.) For your convenience, we will also convert winnings to most major national currencies at the prevailing exchange rate.

Is anything deducted from my winnings?

No. We do not take commissions or charge any additional fees. You always receive the full amount of all your prize winnings. When you play through The Lottery Centre, the initial entry fee is the only amount you ever pay. This fee covers all administration costs.

How do I check the winning numbers?

We will send you a complete list of winning numbers covering your entry period. You can also check the draw results at any time on our website.

What about lottery scams? Should I be concerned?

Some illegitimate parties mislead customers with fraudulent offers and impossible claims. You should always be sceptical of any message you receive that announces you have already won a prize (when you have not even done business with that company) and asks you to send a “claim fee” in order to receive your winnings. To help protect and inform our clients, we have included a Safe Play page on our website.

If I have a query, is there anyone I can contact?

Yes, our trained Customer Service specialists will be happy to help. We are available via Live Support, email or phone. We pride ourselves on providing friendly and efficient service.

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